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Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody

Ted Tonks

Dirk Cresswell


Fred Weasley

Remus Lupin

Nymphadora Tonks

Colin Creevey

50 unknown teachers & students



Τρίτη, 28 Σεπτεμβρίου 2010

about me :)

Hello theree! How are you guys? I missed you so much but I had no time to post anything. I'm trying so hard to do all those things and in the end of the day I'm always exhausted. After school I have to do my homework and then english and capoeira lessons. There are days I come back home at 10:15. Additionally I have lessons on Friday too.. My schedule sometimes makes me feel like dead. Anyway, from now I promise to do my best to post more things! I know I have questions to answer, I'm sorry Magda and Elv, I'll try to make a post with them some other time. Actually is Wednesday 23:41 and I supposed to be asleep. I don't wanna sleep. I wanna write! I have sooo many things to tell you.. I have photos from the summer(not many, but there are some). I have news too. The most important?

-I have a new haircut! :D
-I have a new laptop! C: (But I can't connect it to the internet -.-)

-I'm going to go to NY for the Christmas! *yayyyz*
-I have some ideas for photos.. (not that wow :P)

There is a small about me.. some pictures that describe me and a list of things which make me happy. :D


1. Walking in the old town.
2. Nick Hornby's books.
3. The sea.. (anytime)
4. My rings, or generally.. RINGS! :D
5. Swedco
6. Corona beers! :$
7. Anything vintage
8. Bob Marley's music.
9. Beautiful, colourful houses.
10. THE SUN! :)
11. Teddy-bears >
12. My camera!
13. First day in job.
14. Chocolate.. yummey!
15. Intresting blogs.
16. Wierd necklaces and bracelets.
17. Colourful socks.
18. Gammon :P
19. The quotes you remember and laugh out loud when everybody is looking at you.. ^^
20. A warm cappuccino.


21. Hats.
22. Looking at people with nice styling.
23. Beautiful perfumes.
24. Old book's or record's smell.
25. "I love you"
26. Daisies
27. Happy ends
28. Vespas
29. Mini coopers
30. Markers, pens and pencils.
31. Summer fruits :D
32. Green apples.
33. Singing(even though my voice sucks :P)
34. Christmas
35. Bookstores.
36. Ice cream
37. Passers-by
38. Concerts.
39. Buying cds.
40. Generally buying stuff(ok, it's called shopping, I know :$)


42. My ipod.
43. My english lesson.
44. Stay with the salt on your skin all day long :)
45. Pyjamas ;D
46. The last day of school!
48. My bed!.. after an exhausting day ;)
49. Painters in the middle of the street.
50. Tourists with huge cameras. :P
51. People who smile all the time :)
52. Cool sunglasses.
53. The taste of praline.
54. Headphones
55. Free-press :D
56. Fruit juices
57. LOST
58. Capoeira
59. Coffee's smell (:


60. People with bicycles.
61. Making someone smile :)
62. Music in the road
63. Chrismas' trees.
64. Santaa :D
66. Amadeus conversations..
67. Mareveya's songs :D
68. Decoupage
69. My colourful nails :P
70. Sunset.
71. New haircuts.
72. My family and my friends (:
73. Cooking
74. My job.
75. Bic pens
76. Listening music aloud in the car.
77. Dr martens
78. The pc game with the little monsters :P
79. Memories


80. Movies
81. Cinema
82. Scarfs
83. Wooden boats.
84. Tigers
85. Pinguins
86. Pandas
87. Like silly pages on fb :P
88. Save the queen clothes :D
89. Travelling..
90. Our quotes :D
91. My room :)
92. Holidays
94. Deathnote
95. Shaman king
96. Dramacon
97. School trips ;P
98. Volleyball
99. Crazy lists :P
100. Harry Potter and LotR. :D

101. ΑΒΓΔ :D

Δευτέρα, 23 Αυγούστου 2010

I just have no idea.

hello my dear bloggers. :)

Slowly, slowly summer ends and winter starts.. Every single day I say to myself how much I hate school, how much I DON'T want to start. I will miss my best friend. I will have lot of homeworks and I will not go out every day. I have no idea if this winter I will be happy, if I will meet people, make new friends, pass proficiency, be more creative, start studding, post more things, but these are my aims for this winter. (I know people have plans or aims in the new year's eve, I'm wierd you should know that ;P)I have know idea if I have missed my friends too. I'm sad for saying that but it's true. (And that is the reason we supposed to have blog. Right? :/) All the years before I was happy when school started.. But this year things were different. One of my friends left from school and know we talk rarely, or never. Until now everyone(actually not everyone but a lot of people) liked me or that I thought and now is like everyone hates me. Of course I have good memories from this year but they are not enough... This time they are just "not enough". I cried a lot. I had much free time to think. This was just a bad year. But in fact I have missed the certitude of the winter. I have missed to stay home, cook and watch movies. I have missed Christmas, cold, the flavor of a warm cappuccino (or just hot chocolate), my mom's soups, my english lessons, my winter's clothes.. I belive I have missed the routine. And this is too wierd for me.


and a song I really love..

Δευτέρα, 26 Ιουλίου 2010

music or lyrics?

hello! :) how are you? hope you missed me.. the last few days I'm trying to think something to write but I had no ideas.. :S
yesterday with my best friend we said something about music and lyrics.. the question was "music or lyrics are more important for you?". she answered music. she said "I listen greek, english, italian and japanese music. Do I understand the lyrics? No, but I still like it" and that made me think. I believe that I can listen a song with perfect lyrics and not that good music, but a song with awful lyrics.. no, I think I can't listen it. Maybe it depends from the kind of music and the language..
So I ask you, what in your opinion is more important in a song? music or lyrics? (:

love that moviee <3

Παρασκευή, 2 Ιουλίου 2010

a different world in the middle of the town

hello. I told some days before that when I have free time I will post the second part of the "huge post".. so here I am. today and tomorrow I have a day off and today I woke up at 12 o'clock and I'm so proud of my self cause I slept 11 and a half hours.. I really needed it!

monastiraki.. a different world in the middle of the town.. two weeks ago when I was in athens we decided to go to monastiraki. I was surprised. It was like I went somewhere else. Until now I was beliving that Athens isn't a good destination for the summer, but I was wrong. Walking in monastiraki I realized that a place like that with this mood and character is unique.











ps. I supposed to post this yesterday.. :)

good night ;)

Κυριακή, 27 Ιουνίου 2010

this is a huge post

hey there! hope you missed me. really sorry for no posts for a long time but i have been on vacations and when I came back I started working. Also my cousins georgia and ioanna are here so I haven't had any free time to post something. So there is a huge post with all the photos I took in my travel and some chocolate 'cause I have posted many things about colours and photos but I haven't posted anything about chocolate ;)

when I was in Athens my cousins, my brother and I tryed to make a "chocolate something".. Actually we made this(look at the first picture) or something LIKE this..
we used eggs..
..lot of CHOCOLATE! ..


and in the end we licked the spoons :P

and our fingers :D


sorry but it's too late and I need to sleep, I'll post the last photos when I find free time!
love you! xxx

Κυριακή, 6 Ιουνίου 2010

moments, memories and happiness :)

These photos illustrate moments. If I keep them I'll always remember these moments. So they will be memories and these memories will make me happy ;) (just explaining the title). :3

Some days before I found my old camera and I decided to use it 'cause my new one is too big to take it to school or to beach... So I took it and the result made me proud enough.






Τρίτη, 1 Ιουνίου 2010


hello everyone! :) how are you? I am fine. but the last few days I have no inspiration.. I'm trying to find something to post from saturday and the only ideas I have were just terrible! Yesterday when I was studying I saw some books in the floor(don't worry things in the floor is sth usual in my room :P) and one of them was the last harry potter! :D and for one more time I wanted to open my pc and watch some harry potter videos, but I had to study. So today when I came from school that was the first thing I did! :) A few years ago we(my brother, my cousins and I) watced hp videos 2 hours every day except from drawing hp and of cource reading hp... OMG!! that summer was wonderful! I was 10 years old.. it sounds like a long time ago but we are talking just for four years. wow... I hope this summer will be more beautiful. Anyway, from all these hp videos I have seen there is only one I always remember, it was about all the people who died and there was a little paragraph from joseph roux that I still remember...

We call that person who has lost his father an orphan; a widower that man who has lost his wife. But, that man, who has known the immence unhappiness of losing a friend by what name to we call him? Here every language is silent and holds its peace in impotence...

Joseph Roux

and because I talked about harry potter there is the new movie's trailer ;)

and one song I listen all the time! :)

have a nice day! :)

Τετάρτη, 26 Μαΐου 2010

my island.. :)

This is where I live and actually the beach is where I go when I want to think(or when I have to think :S). Especially the winter a great calm beach is the only place you can take decisions.. I love this beach and it has been really useful for me in a part of my life ;)

Actually everyone is somewhere else.. But, aren't these places beautiful? Huh?

and one of the best greek songs. ;)

Πήρα κόκκινα γυαλιά, Σταμάτης Καραουνάκης

Σάββατο, 22 Μαΐου 2010

Dreams are magic!

I day-dream all the time! It makes me happy. It gives me the opportunity to be optimistic. And I am… But the last few weeks I’m wondering if dreaming is that good for me… I was thinking that when you dream something beautiful for you, but something fake, not real, you are getting in the process to believe that your dream will possibly come true and there is a moment that you are convinced that your dream will come true… and sometimes you live with the dream. But then you just need something more realistic to survive… ‘cause no one can lives their whole life based on a dream. Dreams are magic! You can always dream! Just sometimes be a little more realistic… only when you need it just like a break! ;)